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What, Where and Why - Self-Harm

Friday, October 17th, 2008 What, Where and Why - Self-Harm

Self-Harm has been described as the deliberate physical harming of a person’s own body. There are also many ways this can be achieved ie cutting, scratching, bruising, inserting or ingesting substances.

What is recognisable is that self-harming is a symptom of an underlying cause which comes under the umbrella of mental health.

Moreover, quite often a person suffering the disorder may feel there is no other way of coping with their daily pressures. There is evidence to suggest that the person will also suffer low self esteem thus compounding the problem. The list is endless as to the where’s and what for’s.

As previously indicated quite often there is an underlying mental health issue and if this is not dealt with then the risk of the domino effect will increase. Some useful examples would be to punish themselves, relieve tension or stress, take control when they feel powerless and so forth.

There is also stigma attached when discussing the condition therefore not seeking help and advice. Though with regards to treatments these are wide raging from counselling and psychotherapy to dialectic behaviour therapy (DBT).

A referral for talking treatments can be arranged by your doctor. However, frequently there are long waiting lists for these types of treatment on the NHS.

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