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Amy Winehouse

Posted by George Williams on Sunday, April 27th, 2008

Her dad Mitch in the news of the world wants his daughter to be sectioned for her own safety and care.. “Another 6 weeks in rehab isn’t going to cure her problems” is his comment.

I saw the footage of her presenting herself at the police station and as she jumped out of the car to present herself to the police I could tell she had that manic angry look about her. Later the police kept her in as she was in no fit state to give a statement and answer questions. My thoughts are this, surely her parents who are really concerned need to take more control, secondly her management and label have had a great career out of her but should be ashamed of themselves. This is clearly a woman so out of control she has no idea who, where or what she is doing there are so many people on her bandwagon.

She was once a vibrant beautiful young woman who had the world at her feet. I don’t believe she looks in the mirror at all nowadays, self loathing is a bad place to be and the cocktail of drink and drugs creates a surreal distorted world, one where for the few moments when you wake up and wonder what the fuck has gone on or where the fuck have i been only kickstarts the whole process again. It is very sad and sectioning her will protect her in the short term and sadly until she probably breaks down publicly and cries for help my feelings are she hasn’t yet reached her rock bottom. Although to many it probably already looks like she thoughts are with her and her distraught family. I understand this place only too well.

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