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Psychoative Drugs Death And Dr McKenzie

Monday, October 20th, 2008 Psychoative Drugs Death And Dr McKenzie

When an ethics expert Dr R McKenzie of Kent University prompts for drugs to enhance death most should sit up listen and evaluate the consequences and motivations.

Dr Robin McKenzie is to call today for people to be given more choice over how they die at a workshop in London organised by Exit International, an Australian organisation advocating voluntary euthanasia.

According to Dr McKenzie “We have the technology to enhance the experience of dying. With neuroimaging [brain scans] we can measure the impact of different practices, such as meditation or drugs, which would allow us to orchestrate our dying, just as we choose the form of a funeral service.”

In essence studies into the effects of drugs such as “magic mushrooms” and Ecstasy are under-way strictly to enable patients to have an easier journey.

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