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George is the founder and the presenter of Here in his blog George talks about his inner most thoughts on his journey through recovery, his experiences making the show and shares his insights into the world around us etc.

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Last Night’s Show

Posted by George Williams on Saturday, April 26th, 2008

Thanks to everyone involved with last nights show. The week has been dominated by technical issues but I’m not too concerned about it at this stage. The bigger picture is what I’m focussed on. We’re breaking new technologies with a whole new programme format and in week one we still managed to produce 5 shows all out on time but with broadcast problems. Monday will see the tech crew land to get us out on air and all the shows should be uploaded and dropped into the archive boxes.

I’m really pleased with everything, it’s nothing short of monumental what we are trying to achieve. Guests have been very open and honest and the posse really hold the show and content together, they’re great fun too. The crew are finding their feet and style is starting to show. Trevessa has been amazing and has encouraged and supported me all the way, sharp girl too and i’m sure is going to be really popular with the rest of the team. As I always say “With big plans come big challenges”.

Feisty and fun last night and loads of plans for the coming weeks, even a bit of live music is planned. I’m very committed to what I believe in and would love to make a difference. I do see the world differently and how we live our lives and recover. Even if you don’t have problems and issues I think the show still makes sense and of course I hope a bit of rock n roll cuts through. Have a great weekend everyone. “If 1 person gets it and starts to turn their life around that’s an achievement in my books”.

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