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The Drain and Strain of Binge Drinking Britain

Monday, October 20th, 2008 The Drain and Strain of Binge Drinking Britain

An article in today’s Telegraph by Chris Irvine (14 10 08) reports that binge drinking UK are a constant drain and strain on our police officers. The Police Federation Leaders will argue that the Licensing Laws in this Country are wholly inadequate. Emergency 999 calls are left unanswered as the duty police are too busy intervening in pub and street brawls.

The original change of of law was supposed to bring us in line with our European counterparts but instead has brought mayhem to our out of control streets.

In most areas pubs and bars stay open an hour or two later, with police still facing a concentrated time of disorder at midnight or 1am.

Police are also kept on guard in many city centres as “super-pubs” serve until the early hours of the morning, resulting in alcohol-fuelled violence. Thus in effect the staggered hours that now exist result in more officers being used.

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