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Three Strikes Syndrome

Wednesday, October 15th, 2008 Three Strikes Syndrome

Jaqui Smith is backing a three layered approach when it comes to tackling the possession of the downgraded drug cannabis. Firstly the offender will be warned by the police, secondly the said offender will be fined £80.00. If caught again then the perpetrator will be arrested.

However this regime has come under criticism as according to the Home Office the first offence would not be placed on the national computer. The difficulty for the police would be that they would find it hard to establish first or second time offence. This is further compounded if the perpetrator is arrested in another police zone.

Transform Drug Policy Foundation spokesperson Danny Kushlick argue the move is merely a populist one and that we would see the marginalisation and criminalisation of users who are generally law-abiding.

Yet The Chief Constable of Humberside Tim Hollis has promised tougher action on users.

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