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Tough Love and its Effects

Thursday, October 23rd, 2008 Tough Love and its Effects

In terms of drug addiction it has been recognised there is no class divide. Hannah Mayne was a young beautiful 19 year old heroin addict despite all the advantages of middle class life. Yet 18 months ago after her story was reported, things for Hannah her family have gone from bad to worse.

Notwithstanding Hannah now has a criminal conviction for shoplifting she is also living in an illegal squat having moved six times in the last year.

Sadly the marriage of her parents has also collapsed due to the strain of their daughters addiction. In fact her mother has also endured a nervous breakdown. She says according to the Times (14 10 08 - Carol Midgley) “I just went into shut down,” says Kate, 49. “I went catatonic. I spent the day just walking round the house unable to do anything until my husband came home and found me.”

Unfortunately Kate Mayne argued it was bureaucracy that tipped the balance for her in terms of seeking help for her daughter drug addiction. Nobody listened.

Mother and daughter are close and a documentary by Cutting Edge will be aired on the 23 October - 9pm will highlight the pitfalls of a drug addicts life and the consequences on family life.

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