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Getting to Grips with Alcohol

Friday, October 17th, 2008 Getting to Grips with Alcohol

Daniel Martins article in the Daily Mail (13 10 08) highlights the crackdown on binge drinking Britain.

Firstly, promotions of free drinks to women may be banned and happy hours to be restricted. It is a fact that women are more at risk when drinking to much than men. It has been deemed that a code of conduct was necessary as both the drinks and hospitality industries had failed to regulate alcohol consumption.

Moreover the Home Office Have argued that Britain’s bar culture has been irresponsible for associating drinking and personal success. Alcohol should not be promoted as a means of boosting one’s ’social, sexual, physical, mental, financial or sporting performance’.

More significantly the sale of cocktails with suggestive names will be prohibited by law. There will also be a clampdown on free wine, beer and spirit tastings. Samples will not exceed 125 millilitres and clients will have one session of sampling. Thus a more regulated sensible approach to be adopted.

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