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Increase Alcohol Prices say Doctors

Monday, October 13th, 2008 Increase Alcohol Prices say Doctors

Government and Industry are failing in tackling the binge drinking epidemic according to a Daily Telegraph report (09 10 08). It is a fact that deaths of around one in four young men and 10 per cent of young women in Europe are alcohol-related. Doctors want increase of alcohol prices, the banning of advertising and a reduction in availability.

Statistics are that between 1991 and 2005, deaths directly caused by alcohol almost doubled. Survival rates from liver disease have changed little in 30 years, and remain at around 50 per cent. Indeed alcohol costs Britain alone a staggering £20billion per annum.

If prices are increased research shows that this will have the biggest effect on the reduction of alcohol. Notwithstanding Dr Sheron of Southampton General Hospital argues “We need to re-establish the delicate balance between the price people pay for alcohol and the harm that it causes – valuable lives are being wasted to preserve our love for cheap booze.”

The warning comes after news this week that Asda supermarkets have cans of lager on sale for less than 23p each, less than the price of water.

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