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Coping Mechanisms And Mental Health

Thursday, October 16th, 2008 Coping Mechanisms And Mental Health

Each individual will experience high stress levels at various points of our lives. Equally there are various methods of approach when dealing with such situations in order to survive.

Being kind to yourself and take time to do things that you enjoy, a change of scene can make all the difference and give a different perspective to the said problem. Sharing your problem with someone you trust will also be beneficial. Professional help can give support.

Access current up-to-date information, this could be crucial. Your GP will always give good advice.

A good sleep will also give a different perspective. If you stay up late stressing about things it makes the problem seem worse. Things look better after a good nights sleep. Try to get a regular sleeping pattern - go to bed and get up at the same time each day. Lying in bed all day can just leave you feeling worse. Regular exercise improves your sleep, but don’t exercise just before you go to bed as your body needs time to wind down. Avoid caffeine, alcohol and large meals before you sleep.

Writing concerns down is very useful as it may help make sense of your issue. A healthy balanced diet will ensure mood swings are improved. Meditation and deep breathing may be good in clearing your mind. Finally take ownership of your situation this will assist good decision making.

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