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Stigma And Depression

Friday, October 17th, 2008 Stigma And Depression

David Rose’s article in The Times (07 10 08) highlights the plight of many suffering from depression. It has been revealed that employees are happy to issue a sick note for physical illness but when it comes to mental ill health they would be worried about the stigma attached.

In a survey of a thousand participants, conducted by the charity Shaw Trust 18.3 per cent would not reveal a condition even to their HR department and only 17.9 per cent would disclose details of an illness to a colleague.
This is also bourne out by Tim Cooper (manager of Shaw Trust) who says The Office of National Statistics estimates that one in six people may suffer from a mental ill health condition at any one time. He further suggests that in our particular economic climate workers fear showing weakness.

Awareness is key to eradicate stigma as with the right support employees can continue to do their jobs.

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