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The Easy Accessiblity of Alcohol in Modern Britain

Tuesday, October 14th, 2008 The Easy Accessiblity of Alcohol in Modern Britain

Two issues of concern today. One being the cheapness supermarkets are offering cheap booze and also the death of a young student.

One can understand why there is a backlash against supermarket chains selling alcohol so cheaply as reported in today’s metro where headlines attack Asda for selling lager at 90p for a large 4 pack.

Equally the tragic death of a young student who downed half a litre of vodka in just twenty minutes. He died of acute alcohol poisoning after drinking 15 shots of vodka for a £40.00 bet at a rate of one shot every 45 seconds.

As indicated by Jason Venezia’s mother who attacks the ‘heavy-drinking culture’ in this country. His parents call for the minimum age to be raised to 21.

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