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Taken into Care, for Being Obese

Monday, October 13th, 2008 Taken into Care, for Being Obese

We reported recently on the suggestion that obese children should be taken away from their parents and treated as abuse victims.

A report in today’s Daily Mirror according to Bob Roberts (07 10 08) says huge numbers of children will soon have to be taken into care because they are too fat, town hall bosses warned yesterday. A far cry from hospitalisation as suggested in our last report.

Furthermore it has been established that twenty children have already been removed as they are deemed “morbidly obese”. This figure is expected to increase sharply.

David Rogers a public health spokesman states “The nation’s expanding waistline threatens to have a devastating impact on our public services”.

The figures revealed yesterday were that the cost of obesity to the NHS will soar by 50% in realistic terms £6.3 billion in the next seven years.

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