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Depression / Alcohol and Michael Todd

Thursday, October 9th, 2008 Depression / Alcohol and Michael Todd

It has been disclosed that the coroner Dewi Pritchard Jones that he could not record a verdict of suicide because there were what he described as conflicting messages in Mr Todd’s behaviour. He also rejected the notion that the death was accidental.

He recorded a narrative verdict, suggesting that Mr Todd had died of exposure in conditions where the wind chill factor was -18C (0F) “when his state of mind was affected by alcohol, a drug and confusion in his personal life”.

In essence Mr Todd’s personal life was in disarray. He had sent increasingly desperate and suicidal text messages and e-mails to women including his wife and lover as his life unravelled in the two days before he died, his inquest was told yesterday.

On the day of his death, Mr Todd, 50, walked up Snowdon, sheltering from driving snow just below the summit to send a last text to a friend. It read: “Don’t send any more messages — it will only cause you grief. I am sorry for what I have done — forgive me in another life.”

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