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Human Costs and Alcoholism

Tuesday, October 14th, 2008 Human Costs and Alcoholism

Rock bottom is usually when someone recognises a serious problem. For Anthony Bogan a well known solicitor this took over ten years of increasingly heavy drinking and the loss of several jobs along the way. Drinking wine first thing in the morning before he had even left for work.

As Mr Bogan implies “Nobody wants to talk about it. You’re faced with people telling you to pull yourself together, put a suit on and go to work. It is difficult to face the fact that illnesses like this exist.”

His drinking levels over ten years were very serious to the point he lost his family home and his children lost their school places as the family had to downsize their home.

He now works as a conveyancing solicitor and with the full support of his wife he states help can be difficult to come by and companies need to wake up to the fact there are huge problems in the work-place.

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