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Men and Body Image

Friday, October 3rd, 2008 Men and Body Image

Men more than ever are thinking and caring the way they look. In America alone the market amongst young men for plastic surgery is bigger than ever; it has doubled in the last five years. In America sales of men’s hair dyes have risen from 18 million to over 100 million in the same period.

The male grooming market in the UK is also booming a record £585million was spent. Clinique reported that their company’s sales to men increased by 25% in 1999, suggesting that up until recently men have been buying women’s skin care products for themselves.

However according to Dr Stephen Edwards (Swansea) research argues that young men today feel more pressure to look good than they did just five years ago, but is still doubtful that they feel the same pressures from media influences as women do.

He also states “As a general rule, and at the extremes, body image concern in women would be associated with eating disorders, whereas with men exercise addiction is a concern, as is the use of anabolic steroids,”

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