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Class Divide and Diet

Friday, October 3rd, 2008 Class Divide and Diet

Felicity Lawrence of The Guardian (03 10 08) reveals that our diet today is as much about class as it always has been.

As Jamie Oliver campaigner for good food has aired the first of his series discovers when he visits a single mother on benefits from Rotheram. Natasha feeds her two children takeaways most nights. Aged five and two, they have never eaten a meal that has been properly cooked at home. Notwithstanding there is no table, no cutlery so the children sit on the floor and negotiate food with their fingers.

The bottom of the fridge consists of sweets and Natasha admits most of her money is £80.00 per week is spent in this way.Five-year-old Kiya has already had to go to the dentist twice to have rotten teeth removed. Natasha can see the life of obesity and illness ahead of them;

Fact, which socio-economic class you are born into is still one of the most significant determinants of how healthy you will be.

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