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Passive Smoking And Addiction

Friday, October 3rd, 2008 Passive Smoking And Addiction

An interesting report in The Daily Mail highlights the dangers for children exposed to passive smoking (02 10 08).

Depressed moods, trouble sleeping, irritability and anxiety, were reported by five per cent of the children exposed to second-hand smoke, even though they had never smoked.

Alarmingly 1,800 school children from Quebec, aged 10 to 12 were asked about their health and behaviours, including symptoms of nicotine dependence and exposure to passive smoke.

The studies findings were that 5 per cent of children who had never smoked a cigarette, but who were exposed to second-hand smoke in cars or their homes, reported symptoms of nicotine dependence,” said researcher Dr Jennifer O’Loughlin from the University of Montreal.

In conclusion, parents should not risk these dangers to their children. Prevention is better than cure.

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