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Society Versus Image

Tuesday, September 30th, 2008 Society Versus Image

Shakespeare hits the nail on the head, where he says everything is about appearance versus reality and this continues to this date.

There is no dispute Society places so much emphasis on being thin, young, and beautiful - negative body image can and has become a serious difficulty for countless women, men, and even children. Dissatisfaction with your body can: Cause low self-esteem. Contribute to clinical depression
Experiences and emotions from your past helped to make what your body image is today;

whether it is through things that others have said to you, or have done to you. The critical period occurs during the adolescent years. So many changes are occurring, and hormones are out of whack. A little girl can suddenly blossom into a young woman within a matter of months. Her once boyish figure is now forming hips, and breasts - her body fat is doubling in order to prepare her for bearing children one day. The body knows what it is doing, but for a little girl - all of this change can be devastating.

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