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Eating Disorders: The Facts

Tuesday, September 30th, 2008 Eating Disorders: The Facts

The latest research shows that 92% of young women and 44% of middle aged women have dieted to lose weight at least once.
Women naturally carry fat on their hips and thighs - it is vital for fertility, prevention of osteoporosis, healthy skin, eyes, hair and teeth.

Overestimating body size is common: 45% of healthy weight women and 23% of healthy weight men describe themselves as overweight.

Women who have a history of chronic yo-yo dieting can decrease their overall lifespan of up to 20%!

Frequent dieting increases the chance of being depressed by 70%.
In a survey of women ages 18-35, 75% believed they were fat, while by medical standards only 25% would be considered fat. 95% of enrollees in weight loss programs are women although the sexes are overweight in equal proportions.

Many people believe that overeating is the cause of overweight. Animal research suggests at least 51 causes of overweight, including genetic, metabolic and other environmental factors.

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