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OCD: The Facts

Tuesday, September 30th, 2008 OCD: The Facts

Sufferers experience repetitive, intrusive and unwelcome impulses and doubts which they find hard to ignore. Obsessions are the impulses people have and reoccur over and over again. Feeling excessively worried about the hands being dirty for example are obsessive feelings. In order to make the obsessive feelings go away the compulsions are performed. Excessively washing the hands are compulsions. Some common OCD’s are touching, nail biting, excessive double-checking, counting, hand washing, cleaning, hoarding, praying and ordering/arranging.

Individuals with this disorder feel the urge to carry out specific actions such as hand washing, nail biting etc to release a build up of tension. The more an individual tries to stop carrying out the rituals the harder he or she would find it to stop and it worsens when the individual is under stress. Fortunately there is a cure for this disorder.

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