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Tonights inexcess show

Posted by George Williams on Monday, September 29th, 2008

We’ve hit the ground running discussing when pleasures become a problem. I challenge that we don’t normally need a second opinion. Peter O’loughlin describes addiction as Addictive Behaviour Pattern which he defines as follows: a condition having adverse affects a persons life. it also impacts negativity on the lives of those with whom he/she comes into regular contact. the story can be continuous, dormant or intermittent. periods of abstinence are followed by indeterminate periods of engagement, where the behaviour takes precedence over all other considerations. (Im posting the rest of this on the site tomorrow)

Trevessa highlighted the amount of features in women’s magazines about body image, how to lose weight in a week when and i want to examine eating disorders and the connection and influence of these stories and images. Many have a low self esteem especially in their appearance and become obsessed with image.

There are lots of issues to explore this week and awareness is the a huge factor in understanding feelings emotions and fear and there connection to our problems.

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