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The Potential Health Risk - Caffeine

Wednesday, October 1st, 2008 The Potential Health Risk - Caffeine

Energy drinks are over a billion pound industry per year. Yet some experts claim that the caffeine content pose a serious health risk.

Some experts are concerned that they are potentially so harmful that they should carry health warnings. With some containing seven times as much caffeine as a strong cup of black coffee and 14 times that in a can of cola, there is a risk of harmful addiction, it has been claimed. Professor Roland Griffiths, of The Johns Hopkins University, Maryland, said in a study last week that there was a danger of some people becoming physically dependent on energy drinks and experiencing side-effects ranging from panic attacks and nausea to chest pains and racing pulses.

More worrying is the fact that for all of these drinks, the supposedly energising formulations amount to little without the boost provided in each by a large dose of caffeine.

According to the law within the UK any drink containing more than 150mg of caffeine, yet Relentless, made by Coca-Cola, had 160mg.

Another difficulty is the policing of such drinks as they are the choice of the subculture that are used to being energised. Another aspect to consider is that Because they are served cold and are so widely marketed, these caffeinated beverages are hugely appealing to the youth market and are more likely to be taken in larger amounts than hot coffee drinks.

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