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Mark’s Personal Journey

Tuesday, September 30th, 2008 Mark’s Personal Journey

Like many Marks journey began innocently enough during his early-years family days out. He discovered arcades. At 22 however, the picture became very indifferent from bright lights to the darkness of addiction.

As Mark states “I started gambling when I was at home with my family, especially on occasions like Christmas when we would play games that included winning money. I would also go to the arcades at the seaside on family days out and put money in the 2p machines. It was always something we did together and was fun at this stage, but by the age of 18 it got to the point when I was at a huge low”.

Things began to spirral out of control. Mark found he was gambling money he didn’t even have. He began to scramble to get more money to gamble. Lying and cheating to friends family became an inevitability. In equal measure it was very hard for friends and family to trust Mark also.

When the penny dropped and Mark realised things were getting out of control he accessed Gamblers Anonymous. He also says “It was incredibly hard to admit to my friends and family that I had a problem like this, but as much as I didn’t talk to anyone, they all knew what was going on.

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