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10 Facts You Should Know

Tuesday, September 30th, 2008 10 Facts You Should Know

In order To Understand Problem gambling, read below:

Have you often gambled longer than you had planned?
Have you often gambled until your last penny was gone?
Have thoughts of gambling have caused you to lose sleep?
Have you used your income or savings to gamble while letting bills go unpaid?
Have you made repeated, unsuccessful attempts to stop gambling?
Have you broken the law or considered breaking the law to finance your gambling?
Have you borrowed money to finance your gambling?
Have you felt depressed or suicidal because of your gambling losses?
Have you been remorseful after gambling?
Have you gambled to get money to meet your financial obligations?

It is difficult for some people to understand problem gambling, but pathological gamblers do not have the choice to gamble, they are addicted. When pathological gamblers gamble, they are in a chemical psychoactive high. The moment the gambling is over, they slip into a chemical psychoactive low, an irritable depression they cannot tolerate. In time, their pleasure hormones become used up, and problem gamblers must gamble to feel normal.

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