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Hot Bikram Yoga

Monday, September 29th, 2008 Hot Bikram Yoga

Matt Little the coach of Andy Murray introduced the concepts of Hot Bikam Yoga in the quest to improve the tennis players flexibility. At 6ft 3in and with a body-fat content of just 6.5 per cent, tennis ace Murray appears to be leaner, stronger and having more success on court than earlier this year.

The programme is performed in sweltering rooms heated to 43C, just what is so special about this steamy form of yoga? Walk into a typical Bikram studio, where vents pump steam into the room from all sides, and you’re hit by a wave of sauna-like intensity. You are provided with a towel and a bottle of water as it is so hot.

The reason for its popularity is clear. Stretching in high temperatures, say fans, allows you to push your body twice as far - which means you really see results. In each Bikram class, 26 poses and two breathing exercises are performed in a specific order.

Olga Allon, founder of Hot Bikram Yoga, says it provides a ‘holistic workout’ that stretches you physically and mentally, leaving you feeling balanced and calm. She says ‘Bikram balances strength and flexibility and helps give cardiovascular endurance,’ adds Allon. ‘It may not look like much but balancing on one leg for minutes on end really makes your heart work. You also need focus, a level head and determination to hold such poses. This strengthens your mental capacity in ways that can be applied to other activities in life.’

Notably, good news for all.

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