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Pleasure and Addiction

Monday, September 29th, 2008 Pleasure and Addiction

Pleasure addiction is rampant because our society operates on an Economic Mindset. So here lies the underlying problem.

Pleasure gives us the chemical high of the sensation of happiness. It is easy to produce, unfortunately a necessary downside is that after the high comes the low.

Pleasure is unsustainable as it is based on a neuro-chemical reaction, which must then stabilize. This creates an addictive cycle and a need for continual excitement.

One only needs to look around our own society to realise that there is a round-the-clock requirement in the pursuit of excitement. What can I buy? Where can I go? What’s the latest television program/song/fashion? I’m bored, what will excite me?

We know drug addicts alcoholics and those suffering eating disorders are treated as sick as a direct result of their addictions but if we look more closely we see workaholics, shopping addicts, exercise addicts, and so forth. These issues because not obviously harmful, nobody seems to appreciate the harm being done.

Awareness is key an addiction is an addiction, whether it is drugs, work, drink, or retail therapy.

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