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Obesity vs Miscarriage

Wednesday, October 1st, 2008 Obesity vs Miscarriage

It has been argued that women who have miscarried are at greater risk of miscarrying if they are obese.

A group from London’s St Mary’s followed the progress of 696 women whose miscarriages were classed as “unexplained” by a specialist clinic. It concluded that the risk of miscarriage increased 73% if the female was obese.

Of the 696 women whose cases were followed, more than half were of “normal” weight, 30% were overweight, and 15% were obese, meaning they had a body mass index (BMI) of 30 or above.

The older the woman, the higher chance she had of having another miscarriage, but, when the figures were adjusted to account for this, obesity emerged as another possible factor.

While there was no difference in the miscarriage rates for overweight, normal and underweight women, the risk of further miscarriage increased sharply for obese women.

According to Winnie Lo who states “This is the first study to look directly at the link between BMI and recurrent miscarriage. “It shows that obese women who experience recurrent miscarriage are at greater risk of subsequent pregnancy loss. “All women with recurrent miscarriage should be weighed at their first consultation.

Those who are found to be obese should be counselled regarding the benefits of weight loss.”

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