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Inner Calm - Meditation

Friday, October 10th, 2008 Inner Calm - Meditation

Meditation reduces stress and anxiety… increases mental abilities, focus, concentration… and creates the consciousness to be in control of one’s life!

As meditation entails a letting go of thought, it also implies a letting go of one’s ‘self’, thereby indicating a that you realise a togetherness with the world around you as if there are no distinctions between separate ‘self’s’ we must thereby co-exist as part of one greater being, and in this sense peace is essential as any other action is unnecessary and nonsensical as you would essentially be acting against yourself. This, arguably is the meaning of ‘Karma’ in Buddhism and of the ‘judgement of God’ (or gods) in theistic religions: Bad action will come back at you, either as Karma or as the wrath of God as bad actions has its own immediate punishment – you effectively commit the action against yourself.

carrying the lessons learned through meditation into our everyday lives we can also affect those around us, thus bringing into action the practical existence of the principle that we are all connected and that our positive action can help to spread positive action and to bring to back to us (the opposite of ‘bad Karma’). Thus meditation can help in a real sense to foster the conditions of peace if people - acting upon their experience during meditation – wish to then make their actions an example of how best to live in relation to others.

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