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The Realistic Side To Depression

Thursday, October 9th, 2008 The Realistic Side To Depression

A very disturbing article reveals the real human cost of depression and its dire consequences. Tormented Julian Grail, 56, plunged to his death after telling his headmistress wife Joanne he could not cope with being ‘party to actions that were morally wrong’ at Plymouth City Council.

On April 17 he left his wife a note saying he ‘could not face the thought of another day in that forlorn place’ and jumped off the Tamar Bridge that spans Devon and Cornwall

His wife said of him ‘He had a very strong sense of fair play and he began to think those principles didn’t sit alongside the job he was asked to do.’ He was a person of total integrity, immense decency, utter compassion, enormous sensitivity and uncompromising, unflinching principle”.

Cornwall Coroner Dr Emma Carlyon recorded a verdict of suicide, adding: ‘At the time of his death he was suffering from work-related stresses.’

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