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Parkview Project

Posted by George Williams on Friday, September 26th, 2008

I was very impressed with my guests last night on many different levels. Lee Houghton a key worker from the organisation was an inspiration on how to turn the wreckage of our past into an asset for the future. He was confident and passionate about his work and recovery, used a language that anyone wanting to recover would instantly identify with. He brought along Tony who for me really is the essence of the depth and scale of drugs misuse and abuse and where it takes you to and yet at 46 seems to be embracing recovery, finding who he really is..addictions distort our real feelings and intentions, they steal our true identities.

“helping people find recovery, freedom, normality and peace”. is ingrained into the culture and mission of Parkview. Carolyn explained the benefits of creative programmes and workshops and how these help develop confidence. As for prescription drugs I’m with Lee “no one needs be chained to a prescription”

There was so much highlighted in this show so find 60 minutes, grab a coffee and relax, you may just find some of the answers you’ve been searching for.

Click here to watch the Park View Project show again.

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