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Introducing Inexcess

Video: Posse Night - News & Views

It’s Wednesday night, and it’s posse night. Its news and views as the gang examine what the papers are reporting and state of celebrity culture. Jonathan recounts Carl’s story a personal account of a drug user and how he found therapy, Trevessa discusses Ritalin and ADHD, and James talks about peer pressure in relation to drug use.

Trevessa brings tonight’s Artefact, relating to ocd.

The Team

George Williams

George Williams, Founder & Presenter
Inexcess host and founder George Williams introduces himself and

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Tony Mellor

Tony Mellor, Presenter
Once an addict and now nominated for Drug Worker of the year, our man on the street.

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Jonathan Lloyd

Jonathan Lloyd, Posse Member
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Julie Nadin

Julie Nadin, Posse Member
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