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questions from viewers

Posted by George Williams on Wednesday, September 24th, 2008

hi kate from’re right that the music industry’s track record on supporting it’s artists has always been poor. I think it’s a case of the sex and drugs and rock n roll selling papers and magazines and that never harms record sales

hi Jayne from belfast..religion is as much a drug to some people is interesting indeed. i start with my faith within rather than absorbing myself elsewhere. for me it’s my life here and now. i would love to bring your question up next week with the posse

hi geoff from london.. legalising drugs and the tax revenues is interesting but i think the govt are too afraid first of the public backlash and their votes and secondly tax is a great idea but it’s some ways endorsement. it’ stoo much political suicide for anything like this to happen and i can’t see it for at least another generation. tolerance is a word they use in holland with better education and support. it’s working for them including less crime and their model should be looked at

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