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The Relationship Of Drug Misuse And HIV/AIDS

Wednesday, September 24th, 2008 The Relationship Of Drug Misuse And HIV/AIDS

HIV is a virus which damages the immune system so that people cannot fight off normal infections. When someone has HIV they are said to be ‘HIV positive’. They have HIV in their blood. When a person first gets HIV they may still be very well but over time their body defences weaken against illness and they may eventually get life threatening illnesses like pneumonia, lung diseases or certain cancers. It is then that they have AIDS.

Some users who inject drugs share their ‘works’ with other users. Tiny traces of blood left in the syringe, on the needle or on other equipment used to make injection possible can carry the HIV virus, hepatitis B and C and other blood-borne infections. Some drug users have passed HIV to each other in this way.

However, it has to be stated globally The rate of HIV infection among injecting drug users appears to be rising, researchers say.

The report, published in the British medical journal The Lancet, says 3m self-injecting drug users worldwide could now be HIV-positive.

In nine countries, more that 40% of drug users were infected. But some countries have maintained very low rates of infection, such as the UK - where the rate is drug users are HIV-positive.

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