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Video: “Its really crazy how being so normal can be such a high” Ruben’s Story

Wednesday, June 1st, 2011

Ruben got into drugs at 17, started stealing and went to prison where easy access to drugs fueled his habit. Released a number of years later as an addict he got involved in gangs and continued stealing.

“A number if times I tried to stop, would end up back in prison and again would leave as an addict” - Losing the respect of his children, losing his marriage and his parents giving up on him, Ruben would eventually get fed up of having no zest of life and he decided to get clean.

He says “I ended up homeless and destitute but was still happy to do drugs and that played on my mind but it didnt impact straight away” But the thing that hit him like a two by four across the back of the head was something his mum would say to him aged 49…

Category: Features Duration: 5:46

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