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Video: “Being clean is better, far better” - Hercules’ story of recovery

Wednesday, April 27th, 2011

“I have made many bad decisions and my life has been manic” Hercules discusses his life and recovery, from beatings as a child through fights and police stations during his teenage years. Drinking his Father’s whiskey at 5 then smoking Cannabis at 11 progressed to Mushrooms, Acid and Heroin and then onto a life of chaos.

Losing his brother and worrying that his Mother might lose two sons, Hercules decided that he had to do something with his life and started his recovery - although rehab didnt work for him, he maintained recovery because he liked what he was seeing and now 4 years down the line with the help of Intuitive Recovery and a change in his thinking, life is worth living again.

Category: Features Duration: 4:18

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