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Video: Ex Gladiator rebuilds his life

Friday, April 1st, 2011

At the height of his fame on hit TV show Gladiators, Jefferson King aka Shadow, had it all. But unbeknown to his fans he also had a drug problem, which ultimately robbed him of everything.

His relationship with drugs began in his teens in New York and lasted more than 20 years. What started with smoking crack occasionally soon ended up every-day and out of control. A return to England and a fresh start intended to break the habit failed and the crack explosion of the 70’s simply fuelled the problem.

Outed by the press after taking drugs in a London nightclub, he lost his job, his wife and his house, and his whole life spiralled out of control. At the bottom he was smoking heroin as well as crack on top of a Methadone script, an incredibly dangerous combination.

Finally, finding an answer in Intuitive Recovery, life changed, a light went on and he reclaimed his life. Jefferson is now proud to be able to say “I am the person I was ” once again.

Category: Personal Stories Duration: 7:34

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