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Video: Maryon’s Story - Living With the Reality of Loss

Monday, February 28th, 2011

Dr Maryon Stewart talks about the tragic loss of her 21 year old daughter Hester, a medical student, who died in 2009 after taking a half dose of the drug GBL with alcohol, she never woke up.

Out of the despair following Hester’s death Maryon campaigned for GBL to be banned, and to expose the dangers of legal highs. Although she was successful in getting GBL banned she came to realise that bans wouldn’t stop the ‘crazy chemists’ in China and south America from producing new drugs to stay one step ahead of the law and the next banning order, so she switched her focus to education and founded the Angelus Advisory Board, a group of experts who now advise government and operate a centre of excellence to analyse the content of legal highs and identify the individual harms they can cause.

The information Angelus has produced when used in education or conversation with children has proved to be very successful, in some cases reducing use of legal highs and alcohol by 50% to 80% over a year.


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