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Video: Elizabeth’s Story - Living With the Reality of Loss

Monday, February 28th, 2011

Elizabeth Burton-Phillips lost her son Nicholas in 2004, he and his identical twin Simon had become heroin addicts together, plunging the family into a world of secrecy, shame and stigma, failed attempts at rehab, and ultimately bereavement when Nicholas took his own life.

But Elizabeth’s story is not only about loss, it is also about hope. Simon vowed to turn his life around in memory of Nicholas, and he did, and is now a father of two and has a successful career. Her book ‘Mum can you lend me twenty quid’ and her organisation DrugFAM have provided great comfort and much needed support to other families, friends and carers affected by addiction.
After the book was published in 2007 the letters poured in from people who had experienced the same thing and were comforted by the story or wanted to share their hope with others. The following year DrugFAM’s was born and has gone from strength to strength is now the UKs leading authority on bereavement by addiction.


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