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Video: Mark, Bristol Drugs Project

Friday, February 11th, 2011

Marks Journey began when he was only thirteen years old watching older boys at school glue sniffing. “I’d leave class at break time, glue sniff gas sniff”. Eventually mark began dealing cannabis between friends at school.

Leaving school with good grades Mark travelled to Bristol “that didn’t go quite according to plan, I started using street drugs” living rough begging on the street mark was introduced to Heroin. After a brief stint in prison mark got scripted and began reducing his methadone from a high dose of eighty mils down to twelve mils today.

“Twenty five mils will kill a man who hasn’t taken it before”.
Looking to be clean in six months mark is volunteering as a peer at Bristol drugs Project offering acupuncture and structured day care groups. He hopes to further this with a career with Bristol Drugs Project.

Category: Personal Stories Duration: 5:13

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