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Video: Jo, Bristol Drugs Project

Friday, January 28th, 2011

Jo picked up her first drink at 19 and instantly she loved the way it made her feel. She started a relationship with a crack user and before she knew it was using herself. “I knew I had a problem but I thought it was manageable”

She had been responsible, had a career and owned her own apartment but addiction strips you of everything. The sale of her apartment had given Jo £40,000 and that was gone within six months, smoked on crack. The madness and chaos followed. Rockbottom was when she knew she had become disengaged from society, her friends and family. By 40 she had nothing, was 7 stone and unwashed, an addict in everyway possible.
Bristol Drugs Project helped Jo turn her life around. She detoxed, got on the programme through AA and the fellowship with a determination to ‘get clean and stay clean’

Jo’s journey has been tough, right out there in the frontline. But she’s an inspiration full of energy and passion, with a real desire to be responsible and productive. Through BDP she has graduated with a Peer Support Certificate and stepped forward to share her journey in the hope that others may learn something from her life. She is testament that really good people can end up in a very bad place, but you can make it back again a day at a time

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