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Video: Clare Gee - Hooked: Confessions of a London Call Girl

Friday, November 26th, 2010

Clare Gee talks to George Williams about her best-selling book ‘Hooked’, a fictionalised version of her own life story, of survival and living on the edge; of cocaine addiction, alcoholism and prostitution; of love, loss and emotional chaos.

Clare explains how her destructive compulsions manifested themselves, and the enduring emotional and physical effects on her life, as well as on her friends and family.

Life spiralled out of control with drink and drugs, addiction took hold and a life of prostitution followed. Clare attributes this downward spiral to childhood experiences that left her feeling abandoned “the day my mother put me on a plane in Zambia by myself and sent me to the UK to meet my father, something in me switched and changed my life forever…wondering where my mother was, where I was going to, unable to speak English, I was 5 years old”.

Drink and drugs gave her confidence; they also helped to numb the pain, “if I wasn’t on something I would be a nervous wreck, on it I felt normal”. But in her own words “when you cross that line into prostitution, you’re screwed. It will rob you your soul, who you are, which can never be replaced”.

Having been to hell and back, Clare eventually found recovery. In this exclusive interview, Clare is honest about her past and the dark place her lifestyle took her to. She also talks about her time in residential rehab at Western Counselling, how she rebuilt every aspect of her life and has now been drug and alcohol free for six years. Clare’s story is an inspiration to young women that you can turn your life around, contribute and achieve.

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