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Video: Appreciative Inquiry

Friday, October 29th, 2010

Inexcess visits King George’s Hostel in London to take part in the Appreciative Inquiry workshop with Suzanne Quinney. Founder of Inexcess George Williams and regular contributor Tony Mellor engage with both staff and residents of King George’s Hostel.
“Appreciative Inquiry works on your strengths to break the negative cycles of drink, drugs and criminality…it helps people back into society”. There is no them and us, there is only us.
King George’s Hostel has been described as the last chance saloon for many homeless people trying to re connect with society. “Appreciative Inquiry gave me the chance to look at myself without having to drag up my past, it helped motivate me and build my self esteem.” This workshop helped people focus on their positives and look beyond addiction and see the potential in others as well as themselves.
“I was on six Blue Valium a day and now I’m down to three, my Methadone has dropped from 120mg to 65mg and I’m having my teeth done.”

The residents and staff are still applying the learning and it is continuous change

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