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Video: The Homeless Games

Friday, October 22nd, 2010

Inexcess is proud to broadcast The Homeless Games, an “Olympic Style” games for people who are, or have experienced homelessness.

“Everybody has got a talent, something they excel at, something they love, that they are passionate about and this can help them turn their lives around”.

Drink and drug addiction are often the face of homelessness, mental health problems seem to go hand in hand with the everyday struggle to survive. “We’ve known lads who have had business’s, houses, cars and something very small in life has pushed them over the edge at a time when they didn’t need it”.

The Homeless Games aims to improve the quality of homeless people’s lives by delivering change through sport, health promotion, social inclusion and education, “these are not homeless people who want to play football, these are footballers who find themselves homeless”.

Category: Features Duration: 8:37

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