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Video: Rehab, recovery, relapse; rehab again …

Friday, October 8th, 2010

For those who have recovered from their addictions, one of the biggest problems is sustaining it. Relapse rates for alcohol and drugs can be as high as 90%, and for many people it can be a revolving door of rehab, recovery, relapse; and rehab again …

George Williams talks to Alex Morris about his experience of multiple relapse, and Karen Ager from Jigsaw, the person that helped him to finally find recovery.

Alex is a former soldier and private security contractor who has served in Iraq; been in prison in South Africa; suffered from PTSD, as well as the trauma of divorce and serious debt - because of his addiction to cocaine, heroin, alcohol and tranquilisers at various times. He has been in rehab six times.

Karen Ager is the founder of Jigsaw, recently renamed Clarity Treatment, a holistic treatment centre that utilises various methods of treatment including cognitive behavioural and motivational therapies coupled with a humanistic approach focussing on, empathy, positive regard and openness.

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