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Video: Richie, Intuitive Recovery, Drug Addiction

Friday, September 24th, 2010

Richie’s story of drug addiction led him to a very dark and chaotic place. A former paramedic and fire fighter who used alcohol, morphine, valium and cocaine (the devils dandruff) to numb the pain of his childhood. “I couldn’t face reality; I couldn’t answer the phone in the end without having a line”. A 7 year prison sentence didn’t stop Richie and the last 2 years of his cocaine habit was a merry go round of guilt and depression.

“At Intuitive Recovery I learnt you can stop using drugs forever…Today I’m a proper dad…Looking back the biggest thing I’ve learnt is that if you remove the drugs out of your life, everything changes and I can face anything”.

Category: Personal Stories Duration: 6:26

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