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Video: Terry, Intuitive Recovery, Drug Addiction

Friday, September 17th, 2010

“Drugs will take off you and take off you and then it will help you take off your friends and family”. Terry, a recent graduate of Intuitive Recovery talks openly and honestly about his drug use for years, the turning point in his life and how “respect” for yourself is a key factor in rebuilding your life. “The thing with recreational drugs use is that when something big happens in your life, it gives you a reason to do it everyday. Days turn into weeks, months into years…the friends that you’ve got aren’t really friends, they’re just other users”.

Terry drug problem took him within a breathe of prison. Intuitive Recovery helped Terry realise the cost it was having on him and his family but more importantly that recovery and turning his life around was not out of his reach. “I’ve got a girlfriend now who believes in me and when you’ve got someone who believes in you, it helps you believe in yourself”. This is a powerful and moving journey

Category: Personal Stories Duration: 6:00

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